7 Ancient Civilizations Travel Destinations For Those Of You Who Want To Learn History

Do not compare 150 years ago with now, it must be very different, especially in terms of information technology. Even so, ancient times were very rich with artistic objects that currently have high historical value, such as buildings and so on.

These historical relics can be found in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia. If interested, you can visit the following ancient civilization tourist destinations. In addition to spending time off, you can also learn history at the same time.

1. Ajanta Caves, India

Ajanta Cave or also known as Cave 26 is a Buddhist monument that houses various stunning paintings and sculptures. In 1983, Cave 26 was named one of the world heritages by UNESCO.

Cave 26 was built in the 2nd century BC (BC). You can imagine how old this cave is now. Even though it is located inland, Ajanta Cave remains a favorite ancient civilization destination for tourists because it holds a lot of historical relics.

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu means Old Mountain. But some people often refer to it as the lost Inca City. From a height of 2,350 meters above sea level (masl) from the top of the Urumba Valley, Peru, you can see a series of walls that stretch from end to end.

In 2003, Machu Picchu was included in a trending topic due to a malfunction that occurred because the number of visitors suddenly exploded to 400,000 people. Until now, Machu Picchu remains a favorite historical tourist destination for travelers, especially travel bloggers. Even though it takes extra energy to reach the top, the fatigue will pay off with amazing views when you get to the top.

3. Athens, Greece

Athens is the capital of Greece which has succeeded in giving birth to great people in the world. Call it Aristotle, Socrates and Plato which until now is still glorified. Athens is also rich in historical heritage. There are many magnificent old buildings that can be visited, such as the Parthenon, Acropolis, Erechtheum, and the Panathenaic Stadium.

Even though the economy in Greece is struggling to rise from the crisis, what’s wrong if you take a trip to this country. Especially if you plan to spend your vacation in Italy, because Italy and Greece are close together.

4. Pyramid of Kukulcan, Mexico

Turning towards Mexico, you can visit the Kukulcan Pyramid or Chichen Itza which is an archeology of the Mayan heritage in ancient times. The area around the pyramids was built in 502-522 AD. Although it is quite old, the pyramid still stands strong. The historical relics in it are also still complete.

Inside the pyramid, there are two wells. The well was used as a place to put offerings in the form of ceramics, jade, and even young girls. It is said that this well saved the Mayans from drought, because this well is the only source of water on the Yucatan Peninsula.

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5. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

In Southeast Asia, namely Cambodia, there is Angkor Wat, the largest group of temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu. At the end of the 12th century, Angkor Wat turned into a temple, a place of worship for Buddhism

The combination of two main architectures, namely the mountain and the temple with the veranda is the main attraction of Angkor Wat. But unfortunately, the price of the entrance ticket is quite expensive, which is around Rp. 600 thousand for one full day.

6. Myra Necropolis and St. Nicholas, Turkey

Even though it is located in Antalya Province, Turkey, Myra Necropolis tourism is an ancient relic of Greece. In ancient times, this building was used as a place to worship gods including Zeus, Athena, and Tyche.

Near the Myra Necropolis there is an old church called St. Nicholas. This church was built in the 6th century AD. The church building is made of selected marble stones, so it looks luxurious when viewed during the day.

7. Lawang Sewu, Semarang

If the desire for a vacation is hindered by costs, you can visit the destinations of ancient civilizations in Indonesia. Besides Borobudur which has been recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage, there is Lawang Sewu (Thousand Doors) which is located in Semarang. This building was formerly used as an administrative office by the Dutch Government. Gradually, its function changed to a tourist spot that was opened to the general public.

Just pay IDR 10,000, you can surround every corner of Lawang Sewu from day to night. At the back of the building, there is a miniature of a broken train that you can use to take pictures.