8 Guides for More Convenient and Comfortable Year-End Holidays

The end of the year is one of the most awaited moments for going on vacation. Holidays at the end of the year require more careful preparation, both in terms of budget allocation, logistics, personal health and expedition plans. This is because the year-end moment is high season and destinations tend to be busier than low season.

Not only that, year-end holidays also require a bigger budget. study of the median hotel prices in 19 popular regions of  showed that hotel prices increased during the high season by 15 percent more expensive than during the low season. popular destination that experienced the highest increase in prices for all types of hotels, namely 36 percent. Meanwhile, Jakarta is the lowest with an increase in prices during the high season, which is 9 percent.

Therefore, for those who are preparing to travel at the end of the year, here are 8 tips that Friends can follow so that holiday moments are always comfortable, safe and affordable:


1. Determine the Travel

This is an important aspect that Friends should live when they want to travel at the end of the year. Make sure when and how long Friends carry out the expedition. Because, for  friends who are working, they need to apply for leave which must be informed to the industry. Not only that, by determining the expedition agenda, Friends of has a clear estimate of time in preparing the expedition, starting from budgeting, booking accommodation and transportation tickets, preparing the itinerary to arranging equipment and supplies for the expedition.

2. Maintain Health Conditions

Vacationing in unfit conditions will make Friends  traveling experience unsafe. Therefore, make sure to maintain the health of the body before and during the trip. Maintain a healthy and nutritious eating and drinking pattern; decent rest; and do light exercise, such as jogging. By protecting your health, Friends of  energy is always maintained and holiday moments can also be easier.

3. Prepare a Holiday Budget

Traveling is a fun activity to unwind from the routine. However, Friends must ensure that the holiday moment does not end badly because the budget spent actually uses up savings. Allocate a budget according to skills and needs into several budget posts, such as transportation, lodging, meals, entrance tickets to attractions or rides to shopping for souvenirs.

4. Determine Travel Destinations

Collect as complete data as possible from the internet, social media, and other sources in determining Friends  holiday destinations. Make sure the destination city or country that  friends visit has a living wage that matches the budget allocation that has been determined.  friends can also find out about various tourist attractions at their destination. To save your budget, there are quite a number of the best destinations with affordable entry prices, let alone free.

Don’t forget to dig up data about the nearest accommodations, how to get to the selected tourist attractions, how much transportation fees must be paid, to the price of entrance tickets to the tourist places you want to visit.

5. Book Accommodation and Transportation Tickets Early

Prices for accommodation and transportation tickets ahead of the year-end holidays are more expensive than normal periods. noted that the average increase in hotel prices during high season is 15 percent more expensive than low season. On the other hand, tickets for year-end holiday transportation, such as airplanes, are predicted to increase by around 10 to 20 percent.

In addition to early bookings, Friends can also optimize various other methods to get affordable prices, such as staying on weekends or Mondays, trying flash sales, booking at newly appointed hotels, joining loyalty programs, to using special offers from financial services and banking.

6. Pay attention to the weather, time, and travel regulations

 friends should pay attention to the weather forecast before leaving. Because, this will also affect the preparation of Friend  expedition, such as whether or not you need to bring jackets, umbrellas and other special equipment. The same thing applies if Friends want to travel abroad.  friends need to know what period is currently taking place in the destination country. Generally, spring is the best time if you want to capture the moment and visit tourist spots without being constrained by the weather.

Not only that, in the midst of a world condition that is still overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Friends are always obliged to recognize the latest data regarding shipping regulations at their intended destinations. This is to ensure that Friends can meet the existing regulatory requirements and enter the country without significant obstacles.

7. Bring enough money and equipment for holidays

When  friend has collected data about destinations, transportation, accommodation, estimated budget, to the tourist attractions you want to visit, make sure  friend brings enough money, okay, so you don’t waste or lack while traveling. The presence of cash is still important, especially when are in the atmosphere or the place they are visiting cannot accept electronic payments. Also, bring equipment according to the duration and needs so that Friends don’t have to bother with luggage.

8. Download the Travel Application

When  friend travels to certain destinations or famous countries, trips and activities will be instantaneous if you download several applications on your cellphone. For example, travel applications, online transportation bookings, bus & travel, tourist rides, car rental, to other related applications that make it easier for Friends of Fimela to travel while at the destination.