What is the method of getting rid of travel sickness?

Some people have a tendency to easily experience motion travel sickness or motion sickness. The impact, during the way they feel nauseous let alone vomiting. This condition is not dangerous, but it must be dealt with quickly so that it is not disturbing and the trip is still safe and enjoyable. Here are some ways to get rid of car sickness that you can try.

travel sickness

Triggers for Nausea during Motion Sickness

Before understanding how to avoid motion sickness, AutoFamily needs to know things that can affect your body condition so that you feel nauseous and dizzy while driving. Basically, motion sickness is caused by a combination of signals that the brain receives from the eyes and ears.

That is, when the vehicle is moving, the body is in a sitting position still in place. On the contrary, the eyes and ears catch signals in the form of sound or walking visuals so that a body that is not used to this condition will urge the brain to find data about what is wrong with the body.

Therefore, a response emerges from the body in the form of dizziness and nausea because the brain considers that this unusual condition is caused by toxins that must be removed quickly.

This is the Method of Getting Rid of Motion Sickness

There are several methods for dealing with motion sickness. It is undeniable that dealing with motion sickness is not fun. Signs of motion sickness, such as cold sweats, headaches, to nausea and vomiting, can appear without realizing it first. Follow the data on how to deal with motion sickness below.

1. Avoid consuming heavy meals before the trip

Before traveling, especially on long trips, avoid consuming heavy meals. If your stomach feels hungry, you should fill your stomach with light food. You can also study food rations, taking less than normal before a trip.

A full stomach condition coupled with shaking during the trip will increase the risk of motion sickness. Especially if the time gap between you eat and start the journey is not too far. For that, try to eat properly and properly before starting the trip and avoid eating oily and fatty foods.

2. Select a comfortable sitting position

Models of car seats that are in the opposite direction to the movement of the vehicle tend to easily stimulate motion sickness. Therefore, as a way to get rid of motion sickness, choose a sitting position that is in the same direction as the movement of the vehicle. Thus, the sitting position of the body with the motion of the vehicle in the same direction. You won’t feel the impact of your body being pulled in the opposite direction.

If you take public transportation such as trains, buses or planes, several positions can be chosen to reduce nausea. Some of the recommendations are seats at the front of the bus, seats near the window, and seats parallel to the wings of the plane.

3. Get enough rest before traveling

Sometimes, motion sickness can also be caused by a tired body. For that, make sure you get enough rest before going on a long journey. If not allowed, you can rest in the vehicle. Bring equipment that can help you rest safely in the vehicle, such as neck pillows and blindfolds.

4. Lie down when you start to feel unwell

If you start to feel unwell during the trip, lie down immediately. If it’s not possible to lie down, take a safe resting position such as sitting back.

Sit securely and straighten your legs as a way to get rid of car sickness. Close your eyes until the nausea subsides. If you feel thirsty, you can drink mineral water.

Even though the car is stopping, you can try to breathe fresh air. As a result of travel sickness, you will certainly feel unwell on all sides. Overcoming nausea with this method is also quite effective.

5. Take anti-hangover drugs

You can also take preventive steps by taking anti-nausea medication. Take this anti-nausea and anti-hangover medicine at least 1-2 hours before the trip. You can use anti-nausea drugs that can be purchased without a doctor’s formula, such as Domperidone or Metoclopramide which are listed as antihistamines. If you don’t want to take medicine, serve mint candy in the AutoFamily car. So that when you feel dizzy and nauseous you can immediately consume it.

6. Stay away from reading novels or using gadgets

Reading novels or playing gadgets while traveling can trigger feelings of nausea and dizziness. This is because these activities can cause a discrepancy between your eyes and ears. Therefore, as a way to get rid of car sickness, you should stay away from these two activities. Instead, you can listen to music or chat with other people along the way.

7. Eat ginger

Herbal remedies such as ginger have been proven to be effective in avoiding travel sickness. Especially if the AutoFamily feels that the stomach is starting to feel uneasy due to the smell in the car, ginger can provide a warm effect and a soothing smell to prevent vomiting. This also applies when you are already motion sickness, ginger will release vasopressin and help reduce nausea.

AutoFamily doesn’t need to bring ginger in its original form because now you can find many products containing ginger such as candy, practical drinks, liquid medicine, and many more.

8. Suction wind oil or aromatherapy

This means that carrying wind oil or aromatherapy when traveling on land, air or sea is not without reason. This liquid is effective as a motion sickness medicine without being drunk because it can relieve nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Just apply it on your stomach, temples, and inhale the aroma of the oil to relieve nausea and vomiting.

Hopefully the discussion on tips and methods for getting rid of car sickness in this post can help you. In addition to avoiding car sickness, you also have to make sure the vehicle is in top condition before going on a trip so that it doesn’t disturb the comfort of driving for you and your family.